How to better organize your screenshots on MacOS

MacOS has great built-in screenshot functionality. The problem is that, by default, it saves screenshots to your Desktop, which in my case turned my Desktop into a mess. I fixed this a while ago and today realized that this wasn’t an obvious thing for everybody, so I quickly wrote this blog post.

Building a trusted web, step 1.

One of the biggest long-term trust problems of the web is reliably figuring out who published something first. Who was first has deep implications for ownership, and for areas like citation and (Google) news rankings. Today we have submitted an issue to the GitHub which proposes a solution to fix this using timestamps on…

Quix with AlfredApp

I’ve built an AlfredApp workflow that makes quick SEO analyses on websites a lot easier. It basically prevents you from copy and pasting URLs into different tools a lot. I’m calling it Quix, after another tool I made, more on that below. If you just want to see the tool, skip the History part. History…

Traveling to Peru

Wiñay Wayna

At the end of April, beginning of May, 2019, Marieke and I visited Peru with our kids. The main reason for going to Peru was to attend the wedding of two of our friends Jessie & Jorge. These friends also happen to own a travel agency that specializes in travel to Peru, and helped us…

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(Why) I’m stepping down from my WordPress marketing role

I’m going to step away from my role as Marketing Lead. I consider this mostly a personal failure, both in correctly setting and getting expectations and in fitting into another type of organization. Matt and I have talked this through and there are no hard feelings on either side whatsoever. At the same time I’m…

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Stepping “down” at Yoast

Today we’ve announced that Marieke is the new CEO at Yoast, and I’m stepping down. With me recently stepping up as Marketing & Communications Lead for WordPress, this made a lot of sense. In many ways, Marieke was already the acting CEO at Yoast. While this step makes a lot of sense to us, it…

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