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Traveling to Peru

Photo taken from Wiñay Wayna, includes an old building and someview

At the end of April, beginning of May, 2019, Marieke and I visited Peru with our kids. The main reason for going to Peru was to attend the wedding of two of our friends Jessie & Jorge. These friends also happen to own a travel agency that specializes in travel to Peru, and helped us … Read more

Marketing WordPress – first steps

I’ve had the question a few times now of what I’ve been up to since I got appointed lead marketing for WordPress. The first few weeks have been busy, but very interesting. The marketing team is doing a lot of things. I won’t go over all of them here, but wanted to show some of … Read more

Stepping “down” at Yoast

Today we’ve announced that Marieke is the new CEO at Yoast, and I’m stepping down. With me recently stepping up as Marketing & Communications Lead for WordPress, this made a lot of sense. In many ways, Marieke was already the acting CEO at Yoast. While this step makes a lot of sense to us, it … Read more

Karen Sparck Jones

Karen Sparck Jones

 “Computing is too important to be left to men.” I had never heard of Karen Sparck Jones before, I’m thankful I have now: We have a team of linguists / developers at Yoast, looks like we owe her a great deal.

Democratizing publishing

democratizing publishing

Matt blogged, in response to a question asked at WordCamp US: what does “democratizing publishing” mean to you? His answer: … the mission of “Democratize Publishing” to me means that people of all backgrounds, interests, and abilities should be able to access Free-as-in-speech software that empowers them to express themselves on the open web and … Read more

After WCUS: WordPress & Gutenberg FAQ

I just came back from WordCamp US in Nashville, which was awesome. In this post I want to address some of the questions I’ve had a couple of times. So here we go: Have more questions for me? Drop them in the comments, I’ll answer them there!

Gutenberg and Yoast SEO

I’m typing this as I sit in Track 1 of WordCamp Europe in Paris. Matt Mullenweg just announced Gutenberg as a plugin is available, so I installed it on here and am writing this post in it. Gutenberg is a radical rethinking of the post screen and that means we at Yoast have to rethink … Read more

Blogging about not SEO

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while: blogging for fun, on a domain separate from Blogging about stuff I do outside of Yoast, which, surprisingly to some people, is more and more. I will blog here about the investments Marieke and I make with Altha, our investment company and my advisory work, when … Read more