How to better organize your screenshots on MacOS

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MacOS has great built-in screenshot functionality. The problem is that, by default, it saves screenshots to your Desktop, which in my case turned my Desktop into a mess. I fixed this a while ago and today realized that this wasn’t an obvious thing for everybody, so I quickly wrote this blog post.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Let me quickly teach you how to improve your screenshot workflow:

  1. Create a screenshots folder

    For me, my Screenshots folder is a folder in my Documents folder, that syncs to my Google drive. I’ve also dragged it into my left-hand sidebar in the finder, for easy access.Screenshots folder in Finder

  2. Open the screenshots app

    Either press ⌘-Shift-5 or open the Screenshots app from the Applications/Utilities folder.Screenshots app shown in the Applications/Utilities folder

  3. Set the screenshots folder as your screenshot destination

    You might have to select “Other location” and find it.Set the screenshot destination folder in MacOS

  4. Easy access: stack in your dock

    If you want to easily access your screenshots, drag the folder to your dock. If you right click it, you can select “View content as” and set it to “Fan”, and set “Sort by” to “Date Modified”, and you get something like this:

  5. Bonus: better screenshots

    My screenshots got even better and more useful when I started using CleanShot X (not getting paid for this). It changed some of these things a tiny bit but the setup with my Screenshots folder and the fanning stack is still what I use every day.CleanShot X, a screenshot tool, in action

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