About Joost de Valk

Hi! I’m Joost de Valk, an internet entrepreneur from the Netherlands. I’m the founder of Yoast, where I’m currently an advisor. I have a long history in digital marketing as well as WordPress. I’m married to Marieke, who was Yoast’s CEO until we sold it and is now its Chief of Strategy. Marieke and I have four children together.

Marieke and I invest in companies in the digital space through our company Altha. You can check out our investments here or get in touch if you want us to invest in your company!

I founded Yoast in 2010, after working in several different companies as a digital marketing consultant. I’ve worked on some of the biggest SEO projects in the world, like the site migration of the Guardian from .co.uk to theguardian.com.

The Yoast SEO plugin, that I started as a hobby, became Yoast’s main product and is currently active on 13 million websites. Yoast currently employs 150+ people. Approximately 120 of those 150+ are based in Wijchen, the Netherlands, our hometown.

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Joost de Valk


I regularly speak at conferences all over the world (although COVID-19 has changed that quite a bit). If you want to see some of my past talks, have a look at my videos page! If you want to have me as a speaker at your next event: I love speaking! So, reach out, details can be found here.

Upcoming speaking gigs

  • I’ll be keynoting the News & Editorial SEO Summit. This summit is held online Oct 4 and 5th of 2022, I’ll be speaking on Oct 5th myself.

Products I work on

As chief product at Yoast, I spent most of my time looking at Yoast SEO and its related products. I still advise on that, but I also advise our other investments like Castos, Strattic and WordProof. Some of the products I work on:

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Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most used SEO plugin for WordPress. With automatic XML sitemaps, the most sophisticated Schema API and lots and lots of technical SEO optimizations inside, your site deserves nothing less.

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I spend on average about 2 hours a week on WordPress core, mostly making small technical improvements to improve its SEO and performance.

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I’m an investor in and advisor for WordProof. The WordProof Timestamp Ecosystem empowers internet users and content creators with the tools to build a safer and more trustworthy internet. We’re building a trusted web, together!