Joost de Valk

Improving the web, one open-source project, open standard or better SEO’d website at a time.

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CMS Market Share

Read my bi-annual CMS market share analysis, to see which CMSs are growing and which CMSs aren’t doing all that all well.

About Joost

Want to read more about me and the projects I work on? Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortably sit and click the link below.


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Quix is an Alfred App workflow I build & maintain that makes me much more productive.


My wife Marieke and I have made several investments into companies inside & outside the WordPress space. You can read all about that on the website of our investment company Emilia Capital.


Want to see me speak? Have a look at some of the videos below:

WordPress SEO in 2019

In this talk, which I gave at WordCamp Athens in 2019, I discussed the state of WordPress SEO:

Why timestamping will be good for SEO

In this video I discuss with Bas, the founder of WordProof, why timestamping is awesome:

The victory of the commons

In this talk I describe what has been the guiding principle of how we built Yoast: sustainable open source. We call this concept “the victory of the commons”. I won’t take credit …