WordPress plugins

I was the original author of and still sometimes contribute code to Yoast SEO and its addons. Next to that, I maintain a few simple WordPress plugins myself:

Comment hacks

WordPress’ comment system is incomplete. This plugin adds a lot of nifty little tricks to make comments on WordPress a lot more manageable.

XML sitemaps for PDFs

If your site has a lot of PDFs, this add-on to Yoast SEO is what you need to get them indexed.

Clicky Analytics

Make it easy for you to add your Clicky analytics tracking code to your site.

Fewer tags

Make sure tags are only live on your site when they actually add value, so when there’s more than a few posts in it. This makes sure your site has less (useless) tags.

Other projects

I actively contribute to other projects, including the software of some of the companies in our investment portfolio. To read more about that, see either my about page, or read about Emilia Capital.