Democratizing publishing

democratizing publishing

Matt blogged, in response to a question asked at WordCamp US: what does “democratizing publishing” mean to you? His answer:

… the mission of “Democratize Publishing” to me means that people of all backgrounds, interests, and abilities should be able to access Free-as-in-speech software that empowers them to express themselves on the open web and to own their content. …

Matt Mullenweg in his blog post

I agree with this explanation of the mission, it’s something we at Yoast deeply believe in. We also want to further it with Yoast SEO by making it possible for everyone to not just express themselves, but also to be found. If people want to express themselves, a large chunk of those people also want those expressions to be found by others. While search engines aim to get everything findable, getting ranked so other people see you takes a bit more work. Hence our own mission: SEO for everyone.

A headshot of Joost de Valk, author.

Joost de Valk

Joost is an internet entrepreneur from Wijchen, the Netherlands. He is the founder of Yoast. Joost is married to Marieke, who is also Yoast's former CEO. Marieke and Joost have 4 kids together and run Emilia Capital together, an investment firm.


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