Blogging about not SEO

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while: blogging for fun, on a domain separate from Blogging about stuff I do outside of Yoast, which, surprisingly to some people, is more and more. I will blog here about the investments Marieke and I make with Altha, our investment company and my advisory work, when I’m allowed to.

I’ll also use this to vent my political opinions every so often. I like discussion, so, if you do too, I’ll see you in the comments 🙂

By Joost de Valk

Joost is an internet entrepreneur from Wijchen, the Netherlands. He is the founder of Yoast, and married to Yoast's CEO Marieke, they have 4 kids together.

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  1. Hopefully we get to see more posts like this. I’m sure you promised yourself at the start of 17′ you would make the time. Let me urge you to ‘blog for fun’ sometime soon. 🙂

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